Justin Tomlinson: That's one MP who's married to his job...


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There was much mirth yesterday at the suggestion that Justin Tomlinson, MP for Swindon North, was ordered back from his honeymoon in Mauritius by Tory whips to vote on Labour's motion about the future of Jeremy Hunt (another MP left his hospital bed to vote).

Tomlinson joins Sky News's political editor, Adam Boulton, in Westminster honeymoon infamy. Boulton notoriously continued to blog while away with new wife Anji Hunter in 2006.

As someone about to go on his honeymoon, this provides a good form guide to acceptable behaviour: heading back to the UK for work = bad. Knocking out 300 words on the hotel bed = passable. Showering your beloved with roses and wine = probably your best bet. But perhaps the best advice for Tomlinson came from a fellow MP who told Radio 4's Callum May: "he should have taken his honeymoon in f***ing recess. We have enough of them!"