Karzai wins standing ovation for praising both invasions

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Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's President, was given a standing ovation when he hailed the "magnificent" international operation to oust the Taliban regime. He acknowledged that the country still suffered problems of terrorism, but said exiles were returning and millions of children were in school.

"A poor, deeply believing Muslim country, a traditional country, was receiving help from the rest of the world, from a different religion, different values," Mr Karzai said. "The Afghan people joined hands with them to free themselves and the rest of humanity from the tyranny of terrorism. This was co-operation of mankind for the sake of humanity.

"[In] Afghanistan, we have had a government for two years. We are liberated. We have political freedom. We have freedom of the media."

Mr Karzai said the Afghan administration had supported the military action in Iraq because it wanted "exactly the same thing" for its population.