Kinnock backed for EU role

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JOHN MAJOR is coming under pressure to appoint Neil Kinnock, a pro-European, to replace the EU commissioner, Bruce Millan, writes Patricia Wynn Davies.

Labour's backing for the appointment of the former Labour leader was confirmed last night by Jack Cunningham, the shadow Foreign Secretary. Mr Kinnock is also supported by the three Labour leadership candidates, Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett and John Prescott.

Number 10 denied reports that the Prime Minister had rejected Mr Kinnock, saying Labour had not yet submitted a nomination.

Apart from the dispute over whether the federalist Jean-Luc Dehaene, the Belgian prime minister, should become the Commission's president, Mr Major faces the prospect of two further Euro-rebellions from Tory backbenchers.

The first is likely to arise during the EU enlargement Bill this month, which could reopen the controversial topic of qualified majority voting. The second is likely to be this autumn's Bill to double Britain's financial contributions to the EU.