Labour conference diary

You've got to admire the cheek of Lance Price, the former Downing Street spin doctor, whose diaries paint an unflattering picture of steamy intrigue at No 10. He has applied for a pass to the conference. Now Blair aides are waiting to see if he dare show his face. One source said: "We look forward to embracing him tightly in the bosom of the Labour family." Tightly round the neck no doubt.

Schmoozer of the day

Comedian and Labour donor Eddie Izzard, right, is in Brighton for conference week before flying to New York to film with Uma Thurman. But how can the two events be compared? He gushed: "It's from the sublime to the sublime."

Brotherly love

David Miliband, the Cabinet minister in charge of "respect", had a nasty surprise at the Crossrail stand after they gave him a badge declaring: "My favourite Miliband is Ed".

"He has only been an MP for four months and he already has a fan club" stuttered Miliband, D, about his brother. To add insult to injury, he earlier had difficulty getting into the conference. "You're not Malcolm Powers," said a guard checking his pass.

Biting back

Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary, let slip a false alarm at her constituency office. A fat, padded envelope landed on the mat, and staff were about to call in the bomb squad when they realised it was a disgruntled NHS patient who had sent in his false teeth to make a point.

Outfit of the day

John Spellar, the former Transport minister, shocked delegates by arriving in Brighton wearing socks and sandals. He explains away his sartorial gaffe saying: "I'm not a Liberal Democrat, I've got an ingrowing toenail" .

Good day

Seb Coe, former chief of staff to William Hague and former Tory MP who won laughter when he entered the lion's den to speak to the old enemy. "I know what you're thinking," he said. (He'll speak at the Tory conference next week)

Bad day

Ian McCartney, party chairman, struggled to get unions to back down over demands for increased employment rights.

Speech rating

Gordon Brown:


with a leader-in-waiting oration

Tessa Jowell:


introducing Britain's winning Olympic bid team

David Blunkett:


on pensions and Child Support Agency.


Gordon Brown 3 1/2 minutes.

Quote of the day

"When the Tories tell you the next election will be old Labour versus new Conservatives, tell them the truth. The next election must and will be New Labour renewed against a Conservative Party still incapable of renewal." Gordon Brown.

Today's agenda

Morning: Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, addresses conference on crime and anti-terror laws.

Debate on crime and justice.

Afternoon: Tony Blair makes his annual leader's speech

Debate on party rule changes.

6pm Tony Benn and Bob Marshall-Andrews speak on "Does Democracy need a makeover" organised by Hansard Society and Electoral Commission

Number of the day

1,000 - Sandwiches consumed yesterday lunchtime at the Brighton Centre