The Labour Party had all day to think of a joke about #TheDress and came up with this

Ed Miliband has also weighed in

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Labour has tried to harness the power of today's viral sensation #TheDress to attack the Coalition government.

The opposition's official Twitter account this afternoon tweeted an animation featuring the slogan "White and gold or blue and black, they've both let the next generation down" superimposed over David Cameron and Nick Clegg's faces.

The light-hearted tiff is a reference to the colour schemes of the Liberal Democrats and Conservative party.

It also references the two colour combinations visible in the popular optical illusion of a dress which has divided the internet.

The dress is either seen as blue and black, or gold and white.

The animation comes just hours after Ed Miliband waded into the row over the item of clothing.


In an interview with ITV he claimed the dress was white and gold – potentially alienating the half of the electorate who believe it is blue and black.