Labour holds Wakefield as Tories slump

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Labour easily defended control of West Yorkshire's Wakefield City Council in the latest by-elections.

It held a seat at Airedale and Ferry Fryston, with Liberal Democrats pushing the BNP into third place and Tories into fourth.

Conservatives saw their majority plunge at West Hallam and Dale Abbey, Erewash Borough, Derbyshire.

Lib Dems, who did not fight the ward in the 2007 main polls, cut the margin to 186 votes.


Erewash Borough - West Hallam and Dale Abbey: C 692, Lib Dem 506, Lab 149. (May 2007 - Three seats C 1157, 1021, 957, Lab 407). C hold. Swing 1.8% C to Lab.

Wakefield City - Airedale and Ferry Fryston: Lab 1330, Lib Dem 603, BNP 353, C 275, Ind 102. (May 2008 - Lab 1401, BNP 628, C 540, Lib Dem 430). Lab hold. Swing 2.5% Lab to Lib Dem.