Labour is baiting the Tories with a fake advert for vanilla ice cream

The advert mocks comments by Conservative donor Lord Fink

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The Labour Party has unveiled a new advert satirising comments by a Conservative donor and peer who claimed he only conducted “vanilla” tax avoidance.

The advert, released to the PoliticsHome website, features a mocked-up ice-cream tub in a style similar to the iconic Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Lord Fink admitted to the Evening Standard newspaper of having taken “vanilla, bland” tax avoidance measures after Ed Miliband drew attention to a Swiss bank account he had once operated.

Lord Fink admitted he took 'vanilla, bland' steps to reduce his tax bill

Instead of Ben and Jerry’s, the logo reads – ‘David and George’s’, a reference to the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor George Osborne.

Below, a caption confirms the ice cream is “vanilla flavour”.

A Labour source told PoliticsHome: “We are still waiting for David Cameron to explain why he appointed someone who boasts about engaging in tax avoidance as Conservative Party Treasurer. If he continues to stay silent, we will keep reminding the public.”

A Conservative spokesperson declined the opportunity to comment on the advert.