Labour launches first party political broadcast featuring Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader spells out what he stands for

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Labour has released its first party political broadcast featuring Jeremy Corbyn has leader.

The two minutes 45 second-long clip, shot in a documentary style, features Mr Corbyn talking about his plans for the future of the Britain.

“I stand for justice I stand for human rights, I stand for real opportunities for everyone,” he says.

“I stand for peace, I stand for democracy – a real democracy where everyone has an opportunity. A real democracy that makes sure the entire society is protected. 

“Real security come from homes, from schools, from hospitals – from a society that cares for everybody.

The Labour leader talks about investing in the economy, and attacks the Conservative plan for the economy, which he says would hurt the very poorest.

He repeats the Labour slogan “Straight talking, honest politics.”

Mr Corbyn also says personal attacks should not be a part of politics; perhaps a reference to a previous Conservative video that attempted to paint him as a threat to national security.

The footage of Mr Corbyn, who appears in smart casual attire, is cut with pictures of families, workers, and young people.

The clip has currently been posted on to the Youtube video hosting website.