Labour leadership election: Two thirds of public think Jeremy Corbyn should be replaced before next general election

But Angela Eagle 'shows little sign of breaking through with the public'

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More than two thirds of the British public think the Labour party should change its leader before the next general election in 2020, a report has revealed.

The figure is up from 42 per cent in October 2015 and includes a majority of Labour voters, according to Ipsos MORI’s July Political Monitor.

But the report also reveals there is no clear support for a rival to challenge current leader Jeremy Corbyn.

lpsos MORI

Just one in five people believe either Mr Corbyn or Angela Eagle, one of his main challengers, have what it takes to be a good Prime Minister.

Twenty-three per cent of the general public agree Mr Corbyn would be a good leader of the country, with 68 per cent disagreeing.

Ms Eagle has an even lower backing among the general public, with just 21 per cent believing she has what it takes to lead the country.

However only 40 per cent disagree that Ms Eagle would be a good Prime Minister, with 24 per cent saying they don't know.

lpsos MORI

These figures compare with 55 per cent who think Theresa May will be a good Prime Minister - a statement just 27 per cent disagree with.

Among current Labour supporters, backing for both Mr Corbyn and Ms Eagle is also below 50 per cent.

Forty-seven per cent of Labour supporters think Mr Corbyn has what it takes, while 45 per cent disagree.

There is a clear age divide among Labour voters on support for Mr Corbyn, with 40 per cent of 18-34 believing he has what it takes, compared with 16 per cent of those aged over 55.

Meanwhile among current Labour voters just 29% believe Ms Eagle would be a good Prime Minister, with 37% disagreeing.

Among supporters of other parties, 11 per cent believe Mr Corbyn has what it takes to be a good Prime Minister, while 81 per cent disagree.

Meanwhile 18 per cent think Ms Eagle has what it takes, while 43 per cent do not.

In light of the findings, Gideon Skinner, Head of Political Research at Ipsos MORI, said: “Jeremy Corbyn faces an uphill battle to persuade the public he has what it takes to be a good PM.

"His ratings are similar to Ed Miliband’s a year before the 2015 General Election (and are a long way behind Theresa May). 

“Current Labour supporters are split down the middle in their views, although just over half of them think the party should change its leader before the next election.

“However, at this stage his challenger Angela Eagle also shows little sign of breaking through with the public.”

Mr Corbyn will be on the Labour leadership ballot after the National Executive Committee (NEC) executive ruled he could stand for re-election as party leader regardless of his support from within the party.

Former Shadow Cabinet member Owen Smith has recently confirmed he will also run in the Labour leadership contest.

The date of the leadership election has not yet been announced, but is likely to take place in September.