Labour MPs want troops out of 'Triangle of Death'

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Labour opponents of the Iraq war called yesterday for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from the "Triangle of Death" after the fatal attack on soldiers of the Black Watch.

As Tony Blair and other senior politicians expressed their shock over Thursday's attack, a dispute erupted between the Government and its critics over whether the deployment of the Black Watch near Baghdad had been political or military.

Peter Kilfoyle, a former defence minister, said: "The Prime Minister seems intent upon proving his worth to George Bush before any other considerations."

The Prime Minister will be challenged in the Commons next week over the decision to draft British troops into the front line. Standing alongside Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi interim Prime Minister, at an EU summit in Brussels, Mr Blair paid tribute to the bravery of the soldiers of the Black Watch: "I would like to express my deep sympathy and condolences to the families ... and to express my pride and gratitude to the Black Watch for the extraordinary and heroic job they are doing there."