Labour pulls ahead of Tories in polls after Miliband announces tax avoidance crackdown

The non-dom pledge is hugely popular with the public, surveys show

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Labour has pulled ahead of the Tories across several different pollsters in the first surveys after Ed Miliband announced he would end a notorious tax loophole.

The two largest parties have been effectively neck-and-neck for a number of weeks but surveys released today for the Survation, Panelbase and TNS pollsters shows leads of 4%, 6% and 3% respectively.

Much of the fieldwork for these polls was conducted after Labour’s announcement that it would scrap the non-domiciled tax loophole – which was hugely popular with voters.

According to a snap YouGov/Times Red Box poll 77% of voters support scrapping the non-dom tax rule, which the very wealthy can use to reduce their tax liability. Only 20% oppose it.

The Survation/Mirror poll found that 59% of voters supported the measure with only 16% against.

Ed Miliband’s personal ratings were also up, overtaking David Cameron’s for the first time according to pollster Survation.

If replicated on 7 May such Labour leads would certainly leave the party with the most seats and might even give it a majority, depending on the swing across seats and where votes were concentrated.


The survey findings will be greeted with huge relief at the Labour campaign team.

Today’s campaign was characterised by a series of personal attacks against Ed Miliband by Conservative ministers.

Defence secretary Michael Fallon wrote in an article for the Times that Ed Miliband would ‘stab Britain in the back’ in order to become prime minister, while business minister Nick Boles said Mr Miliband would be Vladimir Putin’s preferred candidate for Prime Minister.

The polls are samples of public opinion and not predictions of the election result, and are likely to shift during the coming weeks of the campaign.