Labour supporter Jack Monroe switches allegiance to Green Party

Monroe cited concerns over Labour's stance on immigration

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Food blogger and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has defected to the Green Party in protest against Labour’s stance on immigration.

Less than a year and a half after appearing in a Labour campaign video, Monroe – who became known for her blog about cooking healthy meals at low cost – posted a picture of her Green party membership letter on Instagram.

"It was kind of inevitable after the ‘Labour gets tough on immigration’ speeches, and been a long time coming," she wrote.

"Hard decision in the end, but definitely feels like the right one. Still have a lot of love for the Labour Party, but just disagree with too much of it right now."


Monroe appeared to receive a backlash from Labour supporters over her decision.

She tweeted: "Nice to see how quickly some Labour knives stick in after 10 years campaigning for them and staunch defence. With friends like these etc."

She added below the Instagram post that she had been "chewing over [her decision] since meeting Natalie [Bennett, the Green Party leader] in person for the first time over a year ago".

"[I] consistently find myself agreeing with everything I read, sealed with that Guardian interview with Caroline a couple of weeks ago," she said.

"It just feels right, right now. In an ideal world we’d have a Labour/SNP/Green coalition."