Leaders attack call to legalise drugs

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Political leaders united in condemnation yesterday of a former drugs minister's call for all illicit substances, including heroin, to be legalised.

The Labour MP Bob Ains-worth, pictured, said banning drugs had failed to tackle the problem of addiction and suggested that production and supply should be taken away from criminal gangs and regulated. But a spokesman for his leader, Ed Miliband, labelled the idea "irresponsible". The spokesman added: "Bob's views do not reflect Ed's views, the party's view or indeed the view of the vast majority of the public." David Cameron's official spokesman said: "Drugs are harmful and legalising them isn't the answer to minimising that harm."

In the Commons yesterday Mr Ainsworth called for a "serious debate" on the best way of tackling drug abuse.

His call received cross-party backing from several MPs.