Lib Dem MP Jeremy Browne to stand down in 2015

Former minister shocks party with decision

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A prominent Liberal Democrat MP today announced he would be stepping down at next year’s general election.

The surprise decision by the former minister Jeremy Browne, the MP for marginal seat of Taunton Deane, is a major setback for the party.

In a letter to his constituency chair, he said he will been an MP for 10 years by the time of the next election.

“That is generally enough to do the same job. It is not my ambition to remain in Parliament until I retire.”

Mr Browne was fired as a Home Office minister by Nick Clegg last year following an unhappy spell in the department. He had previously served as a Foreign Office minister.

Since returning to the backbenches, he has become a critic of the Lib Dem leader, arguing that Mr Clegg should do less to differentiate himself from the Conservatives and more to trumpet Coalition successes.