Lib Dems promise to crack London's transport chaos

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The Liberal Democrat candidate for London mayor Susan Kramer today unveiled her campaign slogan - and promised to provide frustrated commuters with travel information on their mobile phones if she wins the race.

Ms Kramer revealed her slogan - "Kramer can do it! - at her party's spring conference in Plymouth.

"Rescuing public transport is my first priority," she told delegates. "I will raise the billions of pounds needed by turning to the financial market and raising revenue bonds."

She promised to have "cracked three key transport challenges" by the end of her first term if she is elected in the poll on May 4th.

Firstly, she said: "The bottlenecks which threaten London with gridlock will have been broken.

"Secondly, 21st-century communications will have come to the system so that on your mobile phone you can see where your next bus or train is or if there are delays up ahead.

"Third, we will have in place the first comprehensive and integrated transport plan to guide the next 20 years - investing, expanding and bringing together not just buses, tube and trains, but also cycling, walking and the Thames."

Ms Kramer, currently fourth in the opinion polls, also promised a new back-up police force for the capital with Community Safety Constables and promised a state-of-the-art recycling plant to deal with London's mountains of waste.