Lib Dems win from Labour


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Liberal Democrats gained from Labour in this week's only reported council by-election.

Their candidate Simon White took the party from third place last May to first at Madeley, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough, Staffordshire.

The result, Labour's first 2012 loss, is a much-needed boost for Lib Dems after two by-election defeats last month.

They did also win at Madeley in 2010.

The ward is not in marginal Labour Newcastle-under-Lyme constituency but comes under Tory-held Stone.


Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough - Madeley: Lib Dem 617, Lab 342, C 294, Ukip 41. (May 2011 - Lab 483, C 445, Lib Dem 366, Ukip 113). Lib Dem gain from Lab. Swing 14.8% Lab to Lib Dem.