Liberal Democrat Manifesto: Lib Dems will reverse £9.7bn of Conservative benefit cuts, more than double that of Labour

The Liberal Democrat manifesto reveals far more generous reversals to Tory benefit cuts than promised by the Labour Party

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The Liberal Democrats have pledged to reverse £9.7bn worth of Conservative benefit cuts, more than double that of the Labour Party.

The party published its manifesto today, with its expected flagship policy being the promise of a second EU referendum over the terms of any Brexit deal, which would included an option to remain in the bloc.

But it also features £9.7bn worth of extra benefit spending, including reversing cuts to universal credit, increasing carers’ allowance, abolishing the bedroom tax, returning housing benefit to 18-year-olds and reversing the two-child cap on child benefit.

By comparison, Labour’s reversal of Conservative benefit cuts, as revealed in the costings appendix to their manifesto which was published yesterday, totalled only £4bn.

After much confusion, Labour yesterday said it was committed to maintaining the Conservative freeze on benefits.

Former Liberal Democrat chairman Sir Simon Hughes, who is campaigning to regain his seat of Southwark and Bermondsey, told The Independent: “Theresa May wants to balance the books on the backs of the working poor, and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is failing to oppose her.

“Higher prices as a result of Brexit will make the impact of the benefits freeze even worse for millions of families already struggling to get by.


The Liberal Democrats have made a second EU referendum on the Brexit deal the centre piece of their election campaign, which will include the option to remain in the European Union.