Lily Allen calls Labour deputy leader Tom Watson ‘a snake’ after conference speech

Mr Watson said that attacking the administrations of Tony Blair and his successor Gordon Brown ‘is not the way to enhance our brand’

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Musician Lily Allen, an ardent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, has referred to Labour’s deputy leader as “a snake”.  

The unlikely flashpoint came after Tom Watson addressed Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool on Tuesday and told delegates the party should stop trashing its record in government and focus on winning elections. 

In his speech, Mr Watson said that attacking the administrations of Tony Blair and his successor Gordon Brown “is not the way to enhance our brand”.

“We won't win elections like that. And we need to win elections,” he added. 

But Ms Allen posted on her Twitter account: “Tom Watson is a snake”. A spokesperson for Labour’s deputy leader declined to comment. 

However, one journalist quipped back at the celebrity, adding: “Tom Watson loses the Beadles school/Primrose Hill vote”.  

Ms Allen then responded to a tweet from Yvette Cooper, the former shadow Home Secretary, which praised Mr Watson for his “barnstorming” performance at Labour’s conference. “Brilliant reminder of what Labour governments can do,” she added. 

Ms Allen said: “Lead us in to an illegal war and lost two consecutive elections. Real change is needed.”

The celebrity strongly supported Mr Corbyn’s campaign to remain Labour leader, writing in June: “I’ll be protesting this evening in support of Jeremy Corbyn. Seems to be the only dignified person in Westminster.