Lynton Crosby 'claims David Cameron has God on his side'

The political strategist's alleged remarks have not been confirmed

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Lynton Crosby has reportedly claimed that David Cameron has God on his side.

The Prime Minister’s political strategist was speaking to a Daily Telegraph reporter when he allegedly made the comment.

After being asked whether Mr Cameron was a bad omen for sporting events following Mark Cavendish’s fall during the Tour de France, Mr Crosby reportedly said: “Oh, not at all, we’ve got God on our side.”

Number 10 would not comment on the report and staff at the Conservative Party headquarters deflected questions to Mr Crosby’s firm, Crosby Textor.

The Australian campaign director ran Boris Johnson’s successful bid as London Mayor in 2012 and was taken on by the Tories for next year’s general election.

Mr Crosby’s alleged comments have not been confirmed but the report comes after several remarks about Christianity from the Prime Minister.

In an article for the Church Times in April, he wrote that the UK should be “more confident about our status as a Christian country”.

Mr Cameron described himself as a “classic” member of the Church of England in the article.

Speaking at his Easter reception in Downing Street, he reportedly said Jesus “invented” the Big Society.