Main business next week

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Indy Politics
MONDAY 24 October - Commons: Questions to Social Security ministers, Public Accounts, Commons Commission and Commons Leader; Debate on Foreign Affairs Committee report on the spending plans of the Foreign Office; Debate on Science and Technology Committee report. Lords: European Union (Accessions) Bill, Committee; Debate on learning disabilities.

TUESDAY 25 October - Commons: Health questions; PM's Questions; Opposition debate on 'privatisation, accountability and bureaucracy in the NHS'. Lords: Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill, Commons amendments.

WEDNESDAY 26 October - Commons: Scottish questions; Debate on Public Accounts Committee reports; Legal Aid (Scope) Regulations; Parental Orders (Human Fertilisation and Embryology) Regulations. Lords: Deregulation and Contracting Out Bill, Third Reading; Marriage Bill, Third Reading; Legal Aid Regulations.

THURSDAY 27 October - Commons: Treasury questions; PM's Questions; Debate on Northern Ireland. Lords: Local Government (Scotland) Bill, Third Reading; Sale and Supply of Goods Bill, Third Reading.

FRIDAY October 28 - Commons: Debate on inward investment. Lords: Not sitting.

TODAY'S BUSINESS - Commons: Backbench debates: Health service in London; Kuwaiti detainees in Iraq. Lords: Not sitting.