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MONDAY - Commons: Questions to National Heritage ministers, Church Commissioners and the Lord Chancellor's Department; Gas Bill, Report; Conditional Fee Agreements Order. Lords: Criminal Appeal Bill, Second Reading; Jobseekers Bill, Report.

TUESDAY - Commons: Health questions; Prime Minister's Questions; Gas Bill, remaining stages. Lords: Jobseekers Bill, Report; Prisoners (Return to Custody) Bill, Second Reading.

WEDNESDAY - Commons: Backbench debates (10am): Housing market; Shipbuilding, ship repair and other maritime industries; Transport Department discretionary purchase of property blighted by proposed road development; Gibraltar and the Schengen agreement; Educational provision for autistic children in north London. (At 2.30pm) Environment questions; Opposition debate on "erosion of rail services due to privatisation"; Opposition debate on "cost to country of privatisation of nuclear power industry". Lords: Debates on marine nature reserves, impact of single issue groups and decision to phase out Educational Low Priced Books Scheme; Carers (Recognition and Services) Bill, Second Reading.

THURSDAY - Commons: Home Office questions; Prime Minister's Questions; Debate on Nolan Committee report. Lords: Licensing (Sunday Hours) Bill, Committee. Historic Monuments and Archaeological Objects (Northern Ireland) Order; Debate on European Union reports on bathing water; Debate on potential environmental impact of proliferation of road signs.

FRIDAY - Commons: Not sitting. Constituency Friday under the reform of its hours. Lords: Atomic Energy Authority Bill, Second Reading; Contracting Out (Functions of the Official Receiver) Order; Road Traffic (New Drivers) Bill, Second Reading; Human Tissue (Amendment) Bill, Second Reading.

t The Commons will rise on Thursday 25 May for its late spring break returning on Tuesday 6 June. The Lords rises the same day as MPs but returns on Monday June 5.

Neither House is sitting today.