Met tell former No 10 spin doctor Damian McBride that emails may have been hacked


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Scotland Yard has informed former No.10 spin doctor, Damian McBride, that his emails may have been hacked during his time working in Downing Street.

The Evening Standard reports that detectives investigating computer hacking have contacted McBride to say they have information that indicates his email security was compromised when he worked as communications director for Gordon Brown.

Mr McBride resigned in 2009 following the leaking of private emails by political blogger Guido Fawkes.

The emails appeared to show that McBride had attempted to launch a smear campaign against senior members of the Conservative party.

The memos, which were sent to fellow Labour spin doctor Derek Draper, reportedly contained 'lurid' and 'vile' claims about David Cameron, George Osborne and Nadine Dorries.

They emails were revealed when they were passed to Sunday newspapers by Paul Staines, the real name of political blogger Guido Fawkes, in April 2009.

There is no suggestion Mr Staines hacked Mr Mcbride’s emails nor commissioned anyone to unlawfully access them on his behalf.

Officers from Operation Tuleta, which is the name for the Met investigation into computer hacking, have reportedly contacted Mr McBride and Mr Draper.

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