Michael Gove 'eliminating literacy like our forefathers'

Times typo received with relish

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Michael Gove told the British Chambers of Commerce that if the Conservatives came to power for a second time  “eliminating literacy will be a mission in the way that our forefathers knew they had to eradicate polio and TB if children were to flourish,” according to the Times.

The error was an unfortunate typo and an easy mistake to make, as any journalist knows. Obviously it should have said ‘illiteracy’. However such is Mr Gove’s virulent unpopularity amongst some members of the population, the mistaken snippet was embraced with mischievous glee. The illiterate typo made it appear that Gove had indeed achieved his ruinous aim, wrecking education with the determination our forefathers reserved for wiping out deadly diseases.

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It's not been a good week for Gove. Despite the Education Secretary’s recent attempts to ‘get down with the kids’, rapping and even posing for a selfie,  a local Tory association requested a visit from any senior party figure – as long as it was “not Michael Gove”. The former Education Secretary's adviser has also reflected on Michael Gove's 'remarkably unintelligent' term for his opponents (The Blob). It would appear even the Tory party itself wanted to shun the minister.

Yet the most vehemently voiced criticism of Michael Gove came from Educating Yorkshire’s teacher Michael Steer, who whilst accepting a recent award for a TV award told guests: “On behalf of teachers I'd like to dedicate this award to Michael Gove and I mean dedicate in the Anglo Saxon sense which means insert roughly into the anus of.”