Miliband says Murdoch's men are as bad as expenses MPs

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Ed Miliband will mount a new attack on the Murdoch empire today, bracketing its executives with expenses fiddling MPs and reckless bankers as examples of a "responsibility deficit". The Labour leader will also call for a tougher Press Complaints Commission in a speech at the KMPG office.

Mr Miliband is expected to say: "There are common themes running through all three. All are about the irresponsibility of the powerful. People who believed they were untouchable. We need a new culture, rules and structure, which encourages people to act with responsibility. We need to address this responsibility deficit we see in our society."

At the weekend, Mr Miliband became the first labour leader since Neil Kinnock in the 1980s to say the Murdoch empire should have to sell off some of its UK newspaper interest because too much power is concentrated in one pair of hands.

Support came yesterday from the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. He told BBC 1's The Andrew Marr Show: "We need to make sure that there's proper plurality in the British press. A healthy press is a diverse one," he said. The more immediate question was how the press was regulated. Mr Clegg said of the Press Complaints Commission: "In no other industry ... do you have people acting as judge and jury in that way."