Miliband's guarantee on jobs for young


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Young adults who have been unemployed for a year would be guaranteed a job for six months by a Labour government under plans to be set out today by Ed Miliband.

They would be provided paid work for 25 hours a week and training by their employer for a further 10 hours a week, but face tough benefit sanctions if they drop out of the scheme.

Launching the initiative, Mr Miliband will draw on his father's personal experience of arriving as a refugee from Nazi Germany.

"He succeeded because he was given a chance – and the opportunity was matched by his sense of striving," the Labour leader will say.

The £600m-a-year scheme would, based on current figures, help about 110,000 people aged 18 to 24 every year. It would be funded from taxing bankers' bonuses.

Mr Miliband, speaking at a Labour youth conference, will make it a central ambition of an incoming Labour administration to "conquer" youth unemployment.

He will accuse the Government of failing to get to grips with lengthening dole queues among the young.