MPs' 10% pay rise: What David Cameron and the Tory Cabinet have said on the issue

Expenses watchdog Ipsa announced the increase after weeks of wrangling

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MPs have been given a 10% pay rise, with salaries set to increase from £67,070 to £74,000.

Here is what the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers have had to say on the controversial topic:

David Cameron, December 2013

David Cameron (Getty)

"The idea of an 11% pay rise in one year at a time of pay restraint, I think, is simply unacceptable.

"Ipsa do need to think again and unless they do so, I don't think anyone will want to rule anything out.

"No one wants to go back to MPs voting on their own pay but we've got to have a process and an outcome that can build public confidence.

"In my view, I think all this should be accompanied with a cut in the cost of politics...

"I think it would be wrong for MPs to get a pay rise at a time of public sector pay restraint. All three party leaders agree on that. We've all made this point to Ipsa and I think we should be clear that what they've said is not a final recommendation."

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond - then Defence Secretary - December 2013

"So long as I'm the Defence Secretary presiding over a situation where the troops that serve our country so brilliantly are facing a 1% pay rise, I won't be taking a pay increase...

"Whatever the rights and wrongs of whether MPs' pay is too high, too low, comparable to other people, at a time when we are asking people across the public sector - nurses, doctors, teachers - to accept pay restraint, members of Parliament have to be seen to be leading the way."

Justice Secretary Michael Gove - then Education Secretary - on whether MPs should get the increase, in December 2013

Michael Gove (Getty)

"Absolutely not. MPs are incredibly well paid at the moment anyway, as are ministers...

"Ipsa - it's a bit of a silly organisation really and pay rise? They can stick it."

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, June 2015

Nicky Morgan (AFP/Getty)

"I think MPs are going to make it very clear that they don't think this is the right thing to do...

"Everyone from the Prime Minister downwards has said this is not the right time to have this sort of, or any kind of, pay rise really...

"I already make charitable donations and it is an opportunity to increase them."

International Development Secretary Justine Greening, June 2015

Justine Greening (AFP/Getty)

"I don't think it is acceptable, I don't think you can justify it actually. Ipsa have come forward with this proposal of 10% pay rise at a completely inappropriate time.

"I think that we do need to sort out what's happening with Ipsa because how anyone can think that this kind of a proposal is acceptable is utterly beyond me...

"They are in charge of making the right proposal and they have got it wrong."


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