MP's death 'a desperate tragedy'

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JOHN MAJOR spoke of the 'desperate personal tragedy' of Stephen Milligan, the Tory MP whose death in an apparent sex act was still being investigated last night by police.

'What happened to him was clearly a desperate personal tragedy. The details are not yet apparent. What does seem probable is he must have been pretty unhappy and pretty miserable,' he said.

The Prime Minister faced a question about the 'prurient' circumstances surrounding Mr Milligan's death during a phone-in on BBC Radio Leicester.

At Westminster, speculation increased about an investigation by government whips into an alleged homosexual ring among Conservative MPs. Homosexuality was 'rampant' according to the former Tory MP, Matthew Parris, columnist for the Times.

Detectives remained silent on reports surrounding the discovery of Mr Milligan's body. He was naked except for a pair of women's stockings, with a plastic bag tied over his head and flex round his neck. Drug tests on his body and on a segment of orange found in his mouth were continuing.

Results of the tests are expected today or tomorrow.

Andrew Marr, page 23