MPs to be offered taxpayer-funded iPads


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MPs are to be offered taxpayer-funded iPads as part of moves to modernise Parliament, it was revealed today.

Politicians will be able to trade in one of their existing computers for a tablet, under a pilot being run by the Commons authorities.

Select committee members will also be handed the fashionable devices - as long as they agree to receive documents electronically rather than in hard copy.

The ruling Commons Commission agreed last night that MPs "would be permitted to swap one of their current pieces of IT equipment for an iPad if they wished".

"The returned item of equipment would then be used to replace obsolete equipment used by staff in the House Service, thus reducing replacement costs by at least £50,000 (based on 100 MPs returning a laptop) and defraying the cost of the purchase of the iPad," according to a spokesman.

He added that the House would "offer iPads to Members on those select committees that agreed to electronic delivery of documents and so reduce expenditure on paper and reprographics and improve environmental performance".

The cross-party committee decided to look more closely at potential savings from wider use of iPads by MPs.