MPs 'want 66% pay rise' to put them on £100,000 a year

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MPs want a 66 per cent pay increase that will take their salaries to £100,000, reports last night claimed.

Labour backbenchers have written to the independent body that sets pay demanding their annual pay - currently £60,277 - be raised to put them in line with GPs, according to the The Sunday Times. The Conservatives have submitted their pay proposal though the 1922 Committee that represents Tory backbenchers.

Although the Tory proposal steers clear of a specific figure, senior Tory Sir John Butterfill said MPs had been "downgraded" over the years compared to other public servants.

He said: "Not that many years ago we were on a par with GPs and heads of comprehensive schools. They are now on £100,000."

MPs pay is set by the Senior Salaries Review Body. Its last review in 2004 found that MPs earn about the same as junior directors of middle-sized companies or NHS trusts.

A rise in MPs' basic salary to £100,000 would increase the bill to taxpayers from £39m to £65m a year.