Newark by-election: 'Vote Ukip' posters put on car blocking stall later removed when 'party noticed disabled driver sticker'

Ukip's campaign manager accused a Tory stall of being behind the incident

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Ukip campaigners in Newark allegedly hit back at a suspected Tory threat on Wednesday, by using boards reading ‘Vote Ukip’ to box in a car parked suspiciously close to their stall - only to find the driver was a disabled person attempting to get closer to the nearby shops.

Both parties had set up stands in the market town's main square to target voters ahead of Thursday’s by-election in the Tory safe-seat.

Ukip hopes the ballot will see Roger Helmer become its first ever MP.

Photos of the incident posted online by political blogger Guido Fawkes, appear to show Ukip posters propped up against a silver vehicle stationed close to the party’s stall.

The blog claimed that Ukip representatives erected the signs in retaliation against what they saw to be a deliberate attempt by the Tories to disrupt their pitch.

It added that is “made for an awkward scene” when campaigners realised the car had a disabled driver sticker, and the person was most likely using the bay to access the local shops.

Ukip campaign manager Paul Oakden denied the allegations, and told The Independent that the driver may have given party members permission to put up the boards as he had received no complaints.

He went on to suggest that a nearby Conservative stand may have staged the entire event as a PR stunt.

“I haven’t seen boards next to a car, other cars parked there and heard of no similar issues. I can only imagine a board might have been rested against the car momentarily.

“We’re five stalls down from the Conservative stand; they might have taken the photos or put the boards up,” he said.

The Conservative Party has denied these claims.