Newbury: Voters face the longest list of candidates in by-election history

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Indy Politics
The Labour campaign headquarters flying the flag for its man in the Newbury by-election, which has attracted a record number of 19 candidates. One of the late entrants for the 6 May contest was the former Tory MP for Winchester, John Browne, who will stand as 'The Conservative Party Rebel'. The full list of candidates is:

Bannon, Andrew (The Conservative Candidate); Billcliffe, Steve (Lab); Board, William (Maastricht Referendum for Britain); Browne, John (The Conservative Party Rebel); Davidson, Julian (The Conservative Party Candidate); Day, Johnathan (People and Pensioners Party); Grbin, Mladen (The Defence of Childrens Humanity - Bosnia); Grenville, Michael (Natural Law Party); Marlar, Robin (The Referendum Party); Martin, Stephen (Commoners Party Movement); Murphy, Anne (Communist Party of Great Britain); Page, Alan (SDP); Palmer, Colin (21st Century Party); Rendel, David (Lib Dem); St Clair, Lindy (Corrective Party); Sked, Alan (Anti-Maastricht, Anti-Federalist League); Stone, Michael (Give the Royal Billions to Schools); Sutch, Lord David (Monster Raving Loony 30 year Party); Wallis, Jim (Green).

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