Next week in Parliament

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Indy Politics
MONDAY - Commons: questions to Social Security ministers, Public Accounts Commission, Commons Commission and Commons Leader; debates opened by Labour on "continuing crisis of health care in London" and future ownership, control and regulation of regional electricity companies. Lords: South Africa Bill, Third Reading; Pensions Bill, Committee; NHS Patient Accommodation Bill, Third Reading; Central European Time Bill, Third Reading; debate on Green Belt.

TUESDAY - Commons: Education questions; Prime Minister's questions; Health Authorities Bill, remaining stages. Lords: Pensions Bill, Committee; Civil Evidence (Family Mediation) (Scotland) Bill, Committee.

WEDNESDAY - Commons: backbench debates on export of live animals, overseas employment vacancies, job conditions of senior armed forces officers, and Forth Bridge maintenance and safety; Scottish questions; VAT orders; Avon (Structural Change) Order; Education (Mandatory Awards) Regulations; Education (Student Loans) Regulations. Lords: education debate; Blasphemy (Abolition) Bill, Second Reading.

THURSDAY - Commons: Agriculture questions; Prime Minister's questions; debate on the Army. Lords: Family Homes and Domestic Violence Bill, Second Reading; Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act (Schedule Four) (Amendment) Order; Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Codes of Practice) Order; Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order; Fair Employment (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order; Children (Northern Ireland) Order.

FRIDAY - Commons: backbench business; Referendum Bill, Second Reading; Referendum (Single Currency) Bill, Second Reading. Lords: not sitting.

BUSINESS TODAY - Commons: backbench business; Tobacco Products Labelling Bill, Second Reading; Tobacco Smoking (Public Places) Bill, Second Reading. Lords: not sitting.