Nick Clegg loses it with Piers Morgan over tuition fees question: 'You are so pompous'

Former Lib Dem leader tutted and muttered 'what an extraordinary man' after being pressed about his u-turn over increased tuition fees

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Nick Clegg has launched into an attack on Piers Morgan after the presenter questioned his decision to raise tuition fees despite pledging not to do so.

The former Deputy Prime Minister became visibly infuriated and branded the Good Morning Britain presenter “pompous” after he challenged his broken promise over tuition fees.   

The Lib Dems faced heavy criticism after they abandoned their flagship pledge to oppose any increase in tuition fees and restore free education. Performing a drastic U-turn, the cap on fees was trebled from £3000 to £9000 under the coalition.

The awkward row on Good Morning Britain erupted after Morgan said: “A lot of students would look at you and think that was a pretty cynical move to promise the end of tuition fees and then treble them. 

“But I will take you at your word that you are a bastion of non-cynicism in an otherwise cesspit of cynicism in Westminster. Thank god you’re here.”

Appearing shocked, the former Lib Dem leader then tutted and muttered “what an extraordinary man” under his breath.

He added: “You are so pompous Piers, you really are”.

Morgan, the US Mail Online editor, snapped back: ”What's pompous about that? It wasn't me who trebled tuition fees.“

Mr Clegg then went on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, where he said Theresa May deserved the leaks which recently emerged about her Brexit talks.

He said: ”Don't feel sorry for Theresa May...she briefed against me furiously in the Home Office“.