Nigel Farage book 'The Purple Revolution' has mixed reviews on Amazon

Some critics are clearly up to mischief

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It was only published on Amazon today, yet Nigel Farage's book, The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything has already had over 100 reviews.

While many appear to be genuinely filled with praise for the Ukip leader’s 320 page work, others are clearly up to mischief and have been getting creative with their criticism.

"My least favourite fiction book so far. The characters weren't very relatable and the main guy whose perspective the story is told from, the pub drunk, I just didn't feel like he had many dimensions, considering he was the central character of the narrative," one review reads.

"Once I put it down I just couldn't pick it up again," goes another, while someone complained that it was "the worse biography of Prince ever".

A second disappointed Prince fan, 'Rob', said: "This is in no way the story of how the pop/funk Minnesota midget came to be, nor does it detail his life before his rise to prominence."


Mr. J. Kerrison observed: "This is a book. To call it anything less than a book would be untrue; to call it anything more: undue praise."

Steve Anderson called it "The Poundland Mein Kampf".


Farage’s book promises to tell the "untold story of the journey Ukip has travelled under Farage’s leadership, from the icy fringes of British politics all the way to Westminster".

In a serialised version of the book for the Daily Telegraph, it was revealed that it would be "curtains" for Farage's tenure at the helm of Ukip if he fails to win a Parliamentary seat at the general election in May.

He said he hoped that staking his political future on victory in South Thanet will draw the "flak" from the Labour and Conservatives towards him and away from the party’s other target seats.