Nigel Farage vows to fight for the people's Brexit 'revolution' on a gold leaf staircase in Mayfair

Ukip leader claims there will be a 'seismic shock' in British politics in the next few years

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Nigel Farage has promised to continue fighting for the people’s Brexit “revolution” – while standing on a gold-leaf staircase at the Ritz hotel in Mayfair.

Speaking at a party in his honour, the Ukip leader vowed to make sure Britain does really leave the European Union following the vote on 23 June.

He said: “The problem we have in this country is that while the people have spoken, the same players have just been shuffled around the chessboard and we are still being run by the professional political class.

“This is unfinished business. The people have spoken but the establishment don’t want to listen.

“There are great battles to be fought and I am going to go on fighting those battles and I know many of you are going to go on fighting those battles.”

The glitzy party was attended by the billionaire Barclay brothers, who own the Daily Telegraph and the Spectator, Leave donor Arron Banks and millionaire pollster Lord Ashcroft.    

He spoke about his recent trip to the US to meet with President-elect Donald Trump but said in the US “the revolution is total”.

He claimed that "not only have the people spoken but the old administration, Obama and all those ghastly people are out".


Nigel Farage went to visit the President-elect in Trump Tower last week Picture: (Twitter)

He continued to say "The Trump people are in and they are now in control” – apparently not realising that the new administration does not take office till January and hasn’t been formally confirmed by the Electoral College.

Mr Farage, who stepped down as a leader following the Brexit vote but has been forced to resume his duties due to party turmoil, predicted there would be a “seismic shock” in British politics over the next few years as he believed the Conservative party “is not fit to deal with the legacy of Brexit”.

It comes as he was forced to deny claims he was planning to emigrate to the US to be free from public attention in the UK.

Last week, Mr Trump claimed Mr Farage could serve as the UK ambassador to the US after he with pictured with the former reality star in Trump Tower in Manhattan – before any senior UK politican had a chance to meet him.

But Downing Street dismissed the claim saying there was "no vacancy" for the post.