‘Nigel Farage – this ain’t no mirage’: Pro-Ukip rap appears on YouTube

Song criticises Conservatives and Labour and says Ukip is the 'party for the nation'

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A mysterious rap singing the praises of Nigel Farage and Ukip has appeared on YouTube.

In the video, an unnamed MC is apparently telling viewers to “vote Ukip for the real change”, and the song goes on to criticise the Conservative Party and Labour for their foreign policy track records.

The rapper can be seen variously wearing a baseball cap, trilby and gold chain while singing from a number of different locations that look to be in the US.

The words of the song call for people to vote for Mr Farage alongside Oliver Haiste – a “London local candidate”. It is unclear whether or not the audio has been added separately to video footage of the MC – whose mouth is obscured throughout by a microphone.

The video has now been watched thousands of times, and was tweeted out by the lead Ukip Scotland MEP candidate, David Coburn (@DavidCoburnUkip).

The description for the rap, uploaded by “DolceVita28”, says it is “a pro-Ukip rap (to not be taken too seriously) supporting Nigel Farage and London local candidate Oliver Haiste”.

A video posted by the same user and using similar visuals is described as “an (sic) rap commissioned by Oliver”.

Could this be a new communications strategy set to be rolled out for the whole party? With comments on Twitter such as “epic cringe” and “oh dear”, it seems people hope not.


“Oliver Haiste and Nigel Farage – real people person, this ain’t no mirage.

“Vote for them because they the real deal, they the only ones yeah.

“Vote Ukip for the real change, party for the nation you may think's changed.

“The Conservative party and Labour party became identical.

“Come check the flow.

“They start foreign wars, no referendum of course. Use your taxes to pay bankers.

“Ok for sure, vote Oliver Haiste and Nigel Farage. Vote real change, this ain’t no façade.”