Nottingham: Labour romps home in city's last Tory stronghold


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Labour's embattled leader Ed Miliband received a surprise boost when his party stormed the last remaining Tory stronghold at Nottingham in the latest council by-elections.

Candidate Steve Battlemuch won a landslide victory at Wollaton West.

This leaves a Conservative rump of just four members on the city council, all in wards that also have Labour representation.

Tories are used to poor poll results in big cities but this comes from the marginal Nottingham South constituency which could be critical in their efforts to take an overall Commons majority at the General Election.

Ukip won a modest 12 per cent, contrasting with 23 per cent in a BBC survey of last month's county polls.

However at Walkergate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the party scored 27.2 per cent, coming second and slashing Labour's margin by two thirds.


Newcastle-upon-Tyne City - Walkergate: Lab 1080, Ukip 668, Lib Dem 460, Ind 64, Newcastle First 61, C 54, Green 30, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 24, Ind 12. (May 2012 - Lab 1912, Lib Dem 646, C 149, Communist 102). Lab hold. Swing 9.9 per cent Lab to Lib Dem.

Nottingham City - Wollaton West: Lab 2211, C 1594, Ukip 565, Lib Dem 216, Green 103, Militant Elvis Anti HS2 28. (May 2011 - Three seats C 2870, 2646, 2593, Lab 2018, 1938, 1753, Lib Dem 770, 601, 506). Lab gain from C. Swing 14.2 per cent C to Lab.