Parliament & Politics: Number 10 meeting for family groups

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THE controversial marriage-and- morals aspect of 'back to basics' was further highlighted yesterday when six family groups went to Downing Street, writes Patricia Wynn Davies.

Nicholas True, deputy head of John Major's policy unit, a key figure in the development of the policy, met representatives from Relate, the marriage guidance organisation, One Plus One, the relationships research group, the National Council for One-Parent Families, the Family Policy Studies Centre, the National Carers' Association and the Stepfamilies' Association.

The private meeting coincided with a briefing note from Mr Major to Cabinet colleagues reiterating that 'back to basics' was not a moral crusade. But little progress appeared to be made on practical policies for parents and families.

In spite of efforts to press the issue of housing needs in the run-up to next week's announcement of a review of homelessness legislation, insiders described the meeting as 'inconclusive', producing little more than tentative discussions over improving information for families.