Parliamentary Questions - Written Replies

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DIPLOMATS: Fewer foreign diplomats are breaking the law in Britain, according to figures released by the Foreign Office. Nigeria remains one of the worst offenders for unpaid parking fines, but the number has gone down from 167 to 91. India is the next worst with 71, followed by Saudi Arabia (60), Bangladesh (59), Pakistan (54) and German (51).

Twenty-nine alleged serious offences, open to a penalty of six months jail or more, by people with diplomatic immunity were reported in 1993 compared with 33 in 1992. Most involved drinking and driving and shoplifting. One diplomat was withdrawn from post in Britain as a result of alleged offences, compared with eight the previous year.

QUESTIONS: The three MPs who asked the highest number of written questions, with the cost, were: Llew Smith (Lab, Blaenau Gwent) 1,323, pounds 128,000; Martin Redmond (Lab, Don Valley) 983, pounds 95,000; and Dawn Primarolo, Labour health spokeswoman, 736, pounds 71,000.