Parliamentary Questions: Written Replies

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GERMAN JOBS: German construction jobs advertised in British newspapers often broke German self-employment laws, and involved evasion of tax and social security payments, Michael Forsyth, Minister for Employment, told Liam Fox (C. Wood spring).

'British workers who take up this employment have no protection under German health and safety regulations,' he warned. 'They face on-the-spot fines of several hundred pounds and are typically paid less than they have been promised. These conditions often leave people seriously out of pocket.'

COURT CASES: The number of cases outstanding at the Crown Court rose between the end of 1986 and last year from 21,619 to 29,186, John Taylor, Parliamentary Secretary, the Lord Chancellor's Office, told Tony Blair (Lab. Sedgefield).

Parliament today

Commons: Defence questions; Questions to the Prime Minister; Spring adjournment debate; Foreign Compensation (Amendment) Bill, remaining stages. Lords: Disabled Persons (Services) Bill, report; Housing and Urban Development Bill, report; Protection of Animals (Scotland) Bill, Third Reading; Insurance Companies (Cancellation) Regulations.