PCC urged to hold inquiry into 'rules broken by Meyer'

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The latest attempt to force Sir Christopher's resignation, from a job for which he is paid £155,000 for a three-day week, came from one of the few politicians shown in a flattering light in his book.

Denis MacShane, the former Foreign Minister, has written to every PCC member and to others officially connected with the PCC, alleging that Sir Christopher has breached the organisation's articles of association.

Article 6 states: "The Chairman shall not be engaged in or, otherwise than by his office as Chairman, connected with or interested in the business of publishing newspapers, periodicals or magazines." Mr MacShane claimed: "Sir Christopher has a clear interest in publishing newspapers by way of the large fees he received from the Daily Mail and The Guardian for serialisation.

"Sir Christopher breached the confidence of the many senior people in public life who were his guests at his residence in Washington. Being unpleasant, condescending and sneering at those you have had stay under your roof is a matter of personal honour and self-respect."

It was revealed at the weekend Sir Christopher had received a furious letter from John Prescott, who was ridiculed in the book for his mispronunciation of Kosovo and the Balkans.