People are imagining life #IfJeremyCorbynWins and everyone is really excited about it

Is our love for Jez truly everlasting?

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With weeks still to go in the Labour leadership contest, some had suggested that the Corbyn campaign was destined to crash.

The once left-wing outsider, who barely scraped his way onto the ballot paper, is looking increasingly likely to trail blaze his was to victory, with opinion polls, constituency nominations and even the bookies putting him top of the list.

As is becoming normal with the 66-year-old MP's campaign, the internet has burst into an impromptu fit of Corbynmania, with #IfJeremyCorbynWins subsuming our feeds.

The prospect of a Corbyn win is giving some of us faith:

Fashion is politics; politics is fashion:

Jeremy Corbyn isn't just for Christmas:

Seriously though, who is going to eat what?

I think Sam confused Corbyn and Krushchev:

Iain Duncan Smith might never smile again:

The political landscape may change forever:

Not sure if this is official policy:

Wait, isn't this the Labour leadership contest? Oh, wait:

Labour might well be changed forever:

Come on, even Liz Kendall is thinking it: