PMQs live: Jeremy Corbyn takes on David Cameron over floods as he suffers resignations from Shadow Cabinet following reshuffle

David Cameron made a stream of embarrassing Shakespeare puns to mock Jeremy Corbyn's reshuffle

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Three Labour MPs have quit Jeremy Corbyn's shadow Cabinet - including one live on TV - as the fall-out from the Labour leader's reshuffle continues. Here are the latest updates: 



The repercussions of the Labour reshuffle have begun, with a host of shadow ministers resigning in protest after Mr Corbyn sacked Michael Dugher and Pat McFadden for their "disloyalty".

Shadow railways minister Jonathan Reynolds became the first to quit, saying he could no longer support Mr Corbyn after he sacked Mr McFadden for criticising the leader's reaction to the Paris attacks.

After that, Shadow foreign minister Stephen Doughty quit - claiming that Mr McFadden had been "singled out for punishment for honesty and principle".

Also leaving the front bench was Kevan Jones, a defence minister. He said he could not agree with Mr Corbyn's stance on scrapping Trident - which will now be enforced at shadow defence secretary level by Emily Thornberry.

At Prime Minister's Questions Mr Corbyn took on David Cameron over floods and alleged cuts to flood defences - but the mood on his benches appeared glum.

But the Prime Minister has just as many troubles on his backbench over Europe, which is the reason why he announced yesterday that ministers will be free to campaign on either side of the EU referendum vote.