PMQs live: Corbyn and May clash ahead of EU summit

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Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May are clashing in the House of Commons ahead of an EU summit to decide the future of the continent.

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Live Updates

Welcome to The Independent's Prime Minister's Questions liveblog
If Labour MP Lisa Nandy is called we can expect her to ask about the Child Sexual Abuse inquiry and the resignation of the judge leading it 
Another issue we can expect to be raised is Heathrow expansion.
Here's our story from this morning on the implications for the Tories

Tories' turmoil over Heathrow as Zac Goldsmith set to resign as Conservative MP

The IndependentZac Goldsmith, the MP for Richmond, has said he is ready to resign as a Conservative MP if Theresa May gives the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow. And in a shock development his local Conservative group agreed to back him in a by-election over an official Tory candidate. “They see it as a referendum via the ballot box on Heathrow”, an insider told the Evening Standard following a meeting of local party officials.
Theresa May is up. She pays tribute to the victims of the Aberfan wining disaster 50 years ago
It's Peter Bone's birthday. "I hope that Mrs Bone is going to treat the occasion in the appropriate manner," says the Prime Minister. #pmqs .
It's Carry On In The Commons! #pmqs
yes, the Prime Minister
Peter Bone says it is his birthday. He asks whether Theresa May would support the reopening of Wellingborough prison in his constituency.
Theresa May wishes Mr Bone "many happy returns" and says she hopes that "Mrs Bone is going to treat the occasions in an appropriate manner:.
Speaker John Bercow shouts "I want to hear what's coming next!" 
Theresa May says yes, Wellingborough is being considered
Truly bizarre scenes at #PMQs as we switch between innuendo about Peter Bone's birthday present from Mrs Bone and the Aberfan disaster.
Jeremy Corbyn is up. He also pays respects to the Aberfan disaster. He says the BBC documentary last night was "absolutely brilliant and poignant".
Corbyn asks about mental health cuts. "Is the Government really confident that we are achieving parity of esteem between mental and physical health?"
Interesting ad lib response from May on Aberfan, saying it showed "again" how those in power refused to accept resp for what had happened
Theresa May says she thinks the issue is important but that "there is of course more for us to do".
Corbyn says he has had a letter from "Colin". Colin said "the NHS is so dramatically underfunded that it's left to the police forces" to deal with mental health.
The Labour leader asks "If the Government is truly committed to parity of esteem why is this trust and so many others facing an acute financial crisis at this time?"
Corbyn broad Q on NHS funding gives May the chance to repeat her "we gave NHS more that it asked for" from last week's #PMQs
Theresa May says "as a result of the action this government has taken" police having to deal with mental health issues is much less of an issue.
Mr Corbyn responds that the NHS is in "the worst financial crisis" in its history. He says the NHS was in surplus in 2010, then asks "what happened?
Ms May says that "at the last election it wasn't the Conservative party that was refusing to guarantee funding for the NHS – it was the Labour party".
Corbyn raises "reckless and counterproductive" adult social care cuts. He says Simon Steven the chief executive of NHS England yesterday said the NHS was underfunded at select committee.
Theresa May says local authorities and the health services need to work together to deliver social care. "We put the funding in, his party wouldn't have done that".


The clash comes after Government lawyers said in court yesterday that Parliament would likely be given a vote on any final Brexit deal –  a reversal in tone from previous pronouncements from the Prime Minister.

Labour has been pushing for a parliamentary vote on the opening terms of any Brexit negotiations, but Ms May has resisted such plans, saying there would categorically not be a vote.

The summit will be the first since Theresa May was appointed and since she pledged her support for a Hard Brexit restricting freedom of movement.

Britain and other EU nations are also set to confirm the CETA trade agreement with Canada at the summit.

It was revealed yesterday the Department for International Trade would not grant MPs a vote on the controverisal deal – described by activists as TTIP's 'little brother' – until it had already been signed.

Others issues likely to be raised at PMQs includ the Child Sexual Abuse inquiry and the resignation of its top judge.