PMQs live: May challenged by MPs over Brexit 'shambles'

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Theresa May is taking questions from MPs in the House of Commons, with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump set to dominate 

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Main headlines:

Theresa May is facing questions from MPs at the weekly session of Prime Minister's Questions, with Brexit once again likely to dominate.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn may highlight a leaked memo from Deloitte claiming the Government is lacking a plan for Brexit - a suggestion that was angrily dismissed by Number Ten. Mr Corbyn could also pick up on the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, revealing in an interview with a Czech newspaper that the UK is "likely" to leave the EU customs market.

Mrs May is likely to have up her sleeve some quotes from yesterday's speech by John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor. Mr McDonnell said people needed to "be more positive about Brexit" - a line the Prime Minister may deploy should Mr Corbyn go on the attack over the EU.

Mr Corbyn may also ask about housing, with the Labour-commissioned Redfern Review into declining home ownership today reporting that falling incomes are largely to blame.

Other topics likely to be raised with the Prime Minister include the chaos surrounding the child abuse inquiry, with another of the investigation's lawyers reportedly having quit over concerns about the probe, and the UK's likely relationship with Donald Trump. Labour MPs may also demand the Prime Minister rules out introducing charges for NHS treatments after her health minister refused to dismiss the idea