PMQs: The one big problem with Jeremy Corbyn's 'less theatre, more fact' revolution

It lasted about 10 minutes before the shouting returned

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Jeremy Corbyn debut on the front bench of the Commons against David Cameron brought with it the promise of a new style of Prime Minister’s Questions.

It was derided sarcastically by Mr Cameron himself who, after some heckling from Labour MPs, chided: “I thought this was supposed to be the new PMQs?”

But the calm new way of doing things largely held throughout the exchanges between Mr Corbyn and Mr Cameron.

Part of the charm seemed to derive from Mr Corbyn keeping his promise to only pose questions put forward in emails from Labour supporters – it made it hard for the Prime Minister to rail against “Angela”, “Stephen” and “Marie” public.

The real problem, though, was that after 10 minutes of calm exchanges between the main party leaders, everything went back to the “yah-boo” of before.

Mr Cameron clashed angrily with the SNP’s Westminster Leader, Angus Robertson, telling him the SNP were “frit” and shouting “you” – momentarily forgetting the Commons convention of referring to members in the third person.

He said he would “try to keep calm” in keeping with the new style – but if today’s session was anything to go by, those efforts are going to become strained very quickly indeed.