Politics and religion: Labour should target Muslims, survey finds, Conservatives Jews and Lib Dems... Buddhists

Among Christians, Anglicans are the most consistently authoritarian and conservative, while Catholics are more likely to be left-wing

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Catholics are the most left-wing of Christian groups, while Anglicans tend to vote Conservative, according to the most thorough survey into the link between religion and politics undertaken in the UK.

While religion has been one of the most important factors identified as determining US elections, the relationship between faith and votes is rarely mentioned in the UK.

However, the Christian think-tank, Theos, has released a report today that shows Labour should target the Muslim vote in next year’s general election, while David Cameron is likely to do well among Jews. The Lib Dems did well with Buddhists in 2010.

Theos research director Nick Spencer said: “There are clear and significant alignments between various religious and political camps of which politicians should be aware. At a time when mass party membership, political ideology and party tribalism are at a low ebb, we should pay attention to the big political values that shape our voting behaviour.”

The report also found those who regularly attend religious services are most likely to be pro-welfare. Anglicans are the most consistently authoritarian in their political views.