Politics: Judging the moob of the nation


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Joining Judy Finnigan and Janet Jackson in the wardrobe malfunction hall of fame: David Cameron.

In a turn of events that comes a close second to Boris's weeble dancing at the Olympics in the laughing-at-Tories stakes, Cameron spent the Lord Mayor's Banquet on Monday evening unaware that his dress shirt had flopped open to reveal some gut creases and a glimpse of side-moob. Remember when Tony Blair was Heat's unexpectedly fit Torso of the Week? It wasn't like that.

It's an easy enough accident to fall prey to, thousands of women will sigh, remembering strained buttons and breast-in-soup incidents the country over. But Cameron lacks the excuse the rest of us plebs have: he wore dress shirts to school every day, didn't he? He should know how to fasten them. One of the Etonians he has placed in positions of power should have helped him.