Popping out for a pint of milk? Actually, he's off to No 10 ...


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He is known as much for his eccentric work attire as for thinking the unthinkable on government policy, the man who pads shoeless around Downing Street and cycles to work wearing T-shirts bearing such slogans as "Music Saved My Life". But yesterday, Steve Hilton excelled even himself.

David Cameron's strategy director was seen performing history's least convincing pre-exercise stretch routine. While readying himself to ride to work, Mr Hilton, 42, made a couple of vague attempts to warm up his muscles, right, while holding a hot drink.

He did not explain what he planned to do with the cup containing said drink – return it to the kitchen before his departure, or take it to work in his famous "messenger-style" man-bag.

Power dressing? get the Steve Hilton look

The hat The flatcap not only makes Hilton look like a chubby Guy Ritchie, it also takes the place of a cycling helmet. As No 10's ideas man, Hilton really ought to protect his priceless bonce.


The jacket This is more like it: an Altura Men's Night Vision Evo Jacket (available for under £100). Even careless drivers can't fail to spot its hi-vis panels on winter evenings.


The mug By Cath Kidston (this is Notting Hill). May or may not contain herbal tea. The incongruous clutching of a cup is a classic Blairite trope, here denoting the Cameroon's centrist credentials.


The shorts Fashion wisdom has it that someone of Hilton's diminutive stature shouldn't wear shorts that end below the knee, but then again...


The socks Given that Hilton has been known to attend high-profile Downing Street events without shoes, one would hope he keeps a pair of clean socks at the office. White won't match a suit, but he rarely wears one of those, either.