PPS appointments follow Tory rebellion

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Prime Minister David Cameron made new appointments to the Conservative Party's team of parliamentary private secretaries today, to replace two members removed because of their rebellion in the EU referendum vote.

Stewart Jackson lost his job as parliamentary aide to Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Paterson, while Adam Holloway was removed as the aide of Europe minister David Lidington when they denied a three-line whip to vote in favour of an in/out referendum on UK membership of the European Union on Monday.

Today, it was announced that Conor Burns, the Belfast-born MP for Bournemouth West, has been promoted to become Mr Paterson's PPS.

He was previously PPS to Northern Ireland minister Hugo Swire, whose new PPS will be Gavin Williamson, MP for South Staffordshire.

Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East, becomes Mr Lidington's PPS. Mr Ellwood had been PPS to Liam Fox, but lost that job when his boss quit as Defence Secretary earlier this month.

The role of PPS is unpaid and is often referred to as "the minister's bag-carrier", but is seen as a stepping stone for ambitious MPs on the way to taking ministerial office.

PPSs are expected to vote with the Government at all times as part of the "pay-roll vote".